Why Do You Trust Beth?

Beth is the perfect mix of heart, mind, and experience. She loves parents and their children incredibly well. She has a beautiful mind full of God’s word and activities that put it in action. And on top of that she has years of experience, with her own littles and years of teaching as well! - Courtney

I have watched Beth write curriculum, she does it with a Bible sitting open next to her checking and double checking what she is writing. She wants the best for kiddos of all ages, and to help empower them to share the love of Christ with their friends. Over the years I have known Beth, I have watched her own children grow up and use the material their mom has written to start Bible studies and group conversations on their own. - Elizabeth

Why Would You Go to Beth for Biblical Parenting Advice?

Because I know she’s studying the Bible and loving Jesus with everything she has! - Courtney

Because she knows her stuff. She is who I go to when I have a mom question! Beth has a way of translating important biblical and life truths to age appropriate levels without "dumbing" down the information. - Elizabeth
I've known Beth personally for many years and one thing that is clearly evident in the way she lives her own life and parents her own children is that she has a heart that longs to walk in the unique path that God has prepared for her and to teach children to do the same. - Vikki
Why do you think people should check out the "Train Your Child" blog and other resources from Beth?
I believe that each lesson and resource at Train Your Child has been well researched, lovingly prayed over, and carefully compiled to provide the greatest impact in the lives of those who use them. - Vikki
Beth has a wealth of knowledge and experience you can find material on all kinds of things to help train your child in their walk with Christ and also how to be a good human being. She tackles all kinds of issues and handles it all with grace and experience to back up what she is saying! - Elizabeth
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